Marlon Kobacker

Marlon Kobacker fullSustainable Future Group’s Marlon Kobacker has enjoyed a level of professional achievement over the past decade that few others in any field could reasonably expect to claim over the entirety of a career, which is part of the reason why he is one of the most respected and sought-after sustainable design experts working in the industry today. Known for his unique and innovative professional approach, Marlon has long understood that the most successful professionals are those who remain deeply committed to developing unique and creative new strategies and who are clearly devoted to the betterment of the industry at large.

As a director with Sustainable Future Group, Marlon has continued to recognize the importance of his role within the industry and has oriented his professional efforts to ensure that the international business community at large develops a clear view of the importance of sustainable design and green energy principles. In seeking to achieve this lofty goal, Marlon and Sustainable Future Group have developed a comprehensive and highly individualized approach in which clients have access to the most effective alternative energy solutions and sustainable products. In his work with Sustainable Future Group, Marlon has continued to access an endless source of motivation stemming from his desire to encourage truly meaningful change occurring on a global scale.

In keeping with his desire to stimulate global change with regard to energy and the environment, Marlon has traveled extensively and worked with a number of global firms on projects of international significance. The sustainable design expert has also accepted invitations to be featured as a speaker at over 10 international conferences and has used the platform provided to him to discuss strategies for implementing cost-effective sustainable design and encouraging a focus on whole-of-life optimization. In addition to speaking frequently on this particular subject, Marlon also recently wrote a book, “Removing the Capital Cost Barriers to Sustainable Building Design,” which discusses the many methods available for improving sustainability performance through the use of a cash-flow positive finance model.

Marlon entered the field of sustainable design after spending several years teaching “Solar Architectural Technologies” at the University of New South Wales, the same academic institution from which he earned his master’s degree in sustainable design as well as his undergraduate degrees in photovoltaics, solar energy and computing. Prior to joining Sustainable Future Group as a director — in addition to his current involvement in clean energy and sustainability projects with Clean Energy Corporation Australia and EarthRights International — Marlon also served as a sustainability advisor with several prominent global firms, including AECOM, Arup and Cundall, among many others.

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