Marlon Kobacker – Sustainability Expert

Marlon Kobacker provides sustainability management, and financial consultation to business owners, managers, developers and builders. He has advised both private and public organizations throughout the globe seeking to educate them on how best to achieve their own individual sustainability performance goals. Kobacker is an experienced lecturer, and frequent guest speaker at several international green building conferences all over the world. His expansive understanding of renewable energy has distilled in him an irrevocable passion for sustainability, and its power to evoke positive environmental change globally. Kobacker has integrated his environmental knowledge with his understanding of clean energy finance to become one of the world’s foremost authorities in the field of environmental design and finance.  

In 2002, Kobacker was the first student to graduate from the world’s initial undergraduate program in Photovoltaic Engineering at the University of New South Wales, where he earned his bachelor’s degree, as well as a master’s degree in sustainable design. He taught a class he developed at UNSW titled, “Solar Architectural Technologies” for two years prior to working for global corporations such as Arup, Cundall, and AECOM as a sustainability professional.  

With over 13 years of industry experience, Kobacker has held myriad professional advisory roles leading businesses on everything from cost-effective sustainable design to whole-of-life cost optimisation before finding his place with Clean Energy Corporation Australia, where he currently serves as principal of their sustainability advisory team.  

Kobacker is the author of the recently published book “Removing the Capital Cost Barrier to Sustainable Building Design,” which informs companies on how to best find innovative approaches to meeting and improving their sustainability performance goals using a cash flow positive finance model.  

While at Clean Energy Corporation Australia, Kobacker also does work on frequent clean energy projects with Sustainable Future Group, and EarthRights International. For more information on Marlon Kobacker and his work as a sustainability consultant, please visit 


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