Dymphna Boholt Discusses the Increasing Popularity of Fitness Technology

Elite athletes all over the globe are benefiting from the advances made in fitness technology, with the most recent developments enabling a degree of truly personalized fitness training that would not otherwise be possible. According to Dymphna Boholt, it is not just professional or world-class athletes who are reaping the rewards of these developments. Recreational and amateur athletes are also experiencing far-reaching benefits and are more likely to achieve their individual fitness goals in a shorter period of time due to the inherent efficiency associated with the incorporation of fitness technology into their training programs.

Perhaps the most positive development made possible through the use of fitness technology is the reduction of injuries associated with fatigue. At the professional level, Boholt said, teams utilize fitness technology to set individual thresholds in terms of the effort and the volume of the each athlete’s workload. Instead of trying to observe fatigue from afar or asking highly competitive athletes to admit feeling fatigued, coaches and trainers have access to objective data that clearly delineates when an athlete is approaching a workout threshold.

All levels of sport will ultimately benefit from these developments. With benefits that extend beyond just athletic performance, training programs will be safer and more effective. This will ensure more athletes adopt a sensible approach to an athletic training program that is based on their current level of fitness rather than their perceived or goal level of fitness, thereby reducing the incidence of injury as well as the number of individuals who give up on a program simply because they have attempted to do more than they are physically capable of.

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